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His school work is not stretching him ample → Son travail scolaire ne le sollicite pas assez., Son travail scolaire ne le satisfied pas assez à contribution.

The patented Stretch Out Strap contains a multiposition grip technique that provides bigger safety, Manage and performance if you're stretching your big muscle mass teams.

Just one hand touching the ground and another one holding the band, pulling your foot up and stretch it just as much as you possibly can. (At a comfortable stage) Try out to acquire snug.

Also stretched. of or associated with a conveyance, for a limousine or airliner, whose seating space is expanded to carry additional travellers or afford to pay for greater legroom and to permit Place for other comforts and features.

one. an act of stretching or condition of currently being stretched. He bought away from bed and experienced a fantastic stretch. strek مَد протягане espreguiçada protažení das Strecken strækken τέντωμα, τάνυσμα estiramiento venitus, venimine; ringutus كشش venytys étirementשטח पसरना rastezanje, protezanje kinyújtás; nyújtózkodás peregangan teyging stiracchiata 伸ばすこと 스트레칭, 뻗기 rąžymasis, mankšta []staipīšanās; []stiepšana regangan badan het zich uitrekken strekk wyciągnięcie się, przeciągnięcie کشش espreguiçadela întindere вытягивание; потягивание natiahnutie pretegovanje istezanje [hon] sträckte på sig การยืดเนื้อยืดตัว gerinme 伸展 витягання, потягання کھینچنا یا کھنچنا sự duỗi ra, sự bị kéo dài ra 伸展

a lightweight folding mattress with handles for carrying the Unwell or wounded. The injured male was carried towards the ambulance over a stretcher. draagbaar مَحْمَل، نَقّالَه носилка maca nosítka die Trage båre φορείοcamilla kanderaam برانكار paarit brancard, civièreאלונקה स्ट्रेचर nosiljka, naprava za rastezanje hordágy usungan sjúkrabörur barella たんか 들것 neštuvai nestuves usung brancardbårenosze ويرانونكي maca brancardă, targă носилки nosidlá nosila nosila bår เปลหาม sedye 擔架 ноші اسٹریچر جس پر مریضوں کو لے جایا جاتا ہے người kéo 担架

This solution is completely outstanding. I've commenced coaching in kung fu a short while ago and this has Completely Increased my leg adaptability and range of motion. The better part is, I can utilize it as being a physical therapy Software at the same time for my joints too!

a lifetime of unrelieved monotony stretched out prior to him → lo aspettava una vita di terribile monotonia

"When you go for a run or fat-train, you walk close to a little bit to chill down. You then perform some stretching. It's a great way to end a exercise routine," Bracko claims.

You should stretch in terms of you are cozy when inhaling, and when exhaling, go just a little farther than cozy. This boosts overall flexibility when utilised like a every day schedule.

(= make go further) meal, income → strecken; (= use absolutely) resources → voll (aus)nutzen; credit score → here voll beanspruchen; athlete, college student and so forth → fordern; one’s abilities → bis zum Äußersten fordern; to stretch just one’s imagination → seine Fantasie anstrengen; to stretch someone/anything to your Restrict(s) → jdn/etw bis zum äußersten belasten; to generally be completely stretched (esp Brit, man or woman) → voll ausgelastet sein; he stretched his lead to 10 details → er baute seinen Vorsprung auf ten Punkte aus

elasticity, snap - the tendency of a human body to return to its primary shape right after it's been stretched or compressed; "the waistband had misplaced its snap"

2. To induce a thing to lengthen, broaden, or distend. A noun or pronoun can be employed among "stretch" and "out." Give up pulling about the sleeves like that, or you will stretch them out! They then stretch the cloth out over big racks to make sure that it might dry in the sunshine.

(Remain snug) then elevate the rest of your leg making sure that now your leg is almost straight up when you hold the middle with equally fingers. Now, one you may have it held up, drive your heel upwards and then back again and convey your leg again to bending placement. Repeat this and go on to another leg.

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